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looking for the perfect small compostable mailer? our (e-co)mmerce mailers are your answer. scroll down to learn more.

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ecommerce mailers

(e-co)mmerce mailers are a home compostable, biodegradable, carbon negative alternative to traditional poly mailers. dispose of used bags in a compost bin with food scraps and garden waste and they’ll break down into rich garden compost in about 6 months.


  • (e-co)mmerce mailers are strong, waterproof, tamper proof, flexible, stickable and stampable. just like normal poly mailers.
  • each bag comes with two easy and secure peel and seal adhesive strips (one for you to post the bag and one for zero waste returns). the adhesive strip backings are not compostable so please dispose of these with regular plastics.
  • each bag is carbon negative and by using them, you’ll be contributing to mangrove estuary regeneration in Madagascar and helping to draw CO2 out of the atmosphere.
  • (e-co)mmerce mailers will biodegrade in a home compost bin or under industrial composting conditions.
  • the material is opaque for maximum privacy.
  • (e-co)mmerce mailers are designed for light items with no sharp edges. each bag can hold about 3kg (approx. 6.6lbs).
  • looking for a larger mailer or interested in buying medium mailers by the box? check out the compostable mailer.
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