the compostable mailer.

sleek, minimal & biodegradable. make it yours with stickers and stamps.

who said compostable couldn’t be stylish.

built not to last.

the compostable mailer is home compostable. carbon negative. strong. waterproof. reusable. non-toxic. it’s the best thing to happen to e-commerce since, well, ever.

biodegradable mailers

compostable right at home.

the compostable mailer will break down in a home compost bin or under industrial composting conditions.
drag the slider to reveal: the compostable mailer (medium size) before and after being placed in a home compost bin for only 30 days.
Biodegradable compostable mailer for sale eco friendly packaging

no downsides.

the compostable mailer is just as strong as a poly mailer and just as waterproof. but it also comes with two adhesive strips so that online purchases can be returned in the same mailer, cutting down on all the waste that this often generates.

it’s also biodegradable and compostable. that’s because it doesn’t contain any polyethylene, the plastic that most poly mailers are made from. it’s made from corn starch and a blend of two bioplastics, PLA and PBAT, and printed with non-toxic ink.

plus, it’s the first carbon negative compostable mailer in the market! we’ve written a comprehensive guide to ecopackaging that goes into far more depth about what goes into it. we’d encourage you to check it out.

compostable never looked so good.

it’s also carbon
by a lot.

manufacturing, transporting, storing and delivering compostable mailers leaves us with a carbon footprint.
but one of the founding ideas of wastebased was the desire to turn that around. we don’t want to just settle for being carbon neutral – we want to go further. that means that proceeds from the sale of every single compostable mailer go directly to reducing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

we’ve partnered with Ecologi to offset 200% of our total carbon footprint via tree planting and carbon reduction projects. that means that every compostable mailer is effectively carbon negative. by a lot.

personalise your compostable mailer.

take your compostable packaging to the next level by sticking and stamping the compostable mailer to your heart’s content.
customised compostable packaging tends to mean high MOQs, so it’s often out of reach for all but the largest brands. until now, that is. the compostable mailer features loads of empty space, so you can make it your own from just 50 units.
let your imagination run wild.
Biodegradable compostable mailer

stickable & stampable.

adding a personal touch to your shipments is now easier than ever. complement your mailers with branded stickers or stamps and level up your cutomers’ unpacking experience!

we’ve designed the compostable mailer with your brand in mind. check out our customisation guide for tips on how to make the compostable mailer your own.

if you’re already taking your compostable mailers to the next level and would like to be featured in our customisation guide, we’d love to hear from you!

compostable mailers

3x better.

3 standard sizes for all your postage needs.
and a new XL size. big orders? winter coats? solved.
Compostable mailers for sale in different sizes
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