the item bag 2.0

we’ve upgraded the poly bag.

make a splash.

with the item bag 2.0.

the biodegradable, non-toxic storage bag that dissolves in boiling water. in seconds.
use it to store any item that normally goes in a poly bag, minus the traditional plastic.
the poly bag: upgraded.

seeing is believing.

poly bag: solved.

that means that it looks like a poly bag, feels like a poly bag, but when you put it in boiling water, you’ll see it couldn’t be further from a poly bag.
it’s the upgrade we’ve been waiting for. since poly bags were invented.

bye, poly bags.


clothing packaging bags

poly mailer

it’s water soluble.
carbon negative.
(we could go on…)

compost bin not required.

not everyone has access to a compost bin. many of us live in apartments where space is tight and communal facilities are limited. at wastebased, we’ve always been about pushing the boundaries of ecopackaging and that includes going beyond composting, when it makes sense to do so.
that means combining different biodegradable materials to achieve really great packaging. the same material used to make compostable mailers isn’t necessarily ideal for poly bags. mailers need to resist the elements for days or even weeks in the postal system, so we can’t make them from water soluble material. but weather resistance is less of a concern for internal packaging. if we made the item bag 2.0 from compostable material, it would be less transparent. it wouldn’t be water soluble and it would need to be thicker, so more raw material would be consumed in the manufacturing process.
when we sell online, we leave our packaging’s end of life in the hands of our customers. not everyone has access to compost facilities, but almost everyone has access to boiling water. and that’s all you need to dispose of an item bag. they dissolve in boiling water in seconds, rather than in a compost bin in months.

the bag that plants trees.
and mangroves.

because polypropylene and polyethylene are cheap and not particularly strong, many poly bags are manufactured a lot thicker than they need to be, resulting in increased material consumption and greenhouse gas/pollutant emissions. the film used to manufacture the item bag 2.0 is a lot stronger, so we can make item bags thinner and lighter than traditional poly bags while maintaining exceptional strength. this means less raw material consumption and a lower carbon footprint.
then we get to work reducing that carbon footprint even further.

beyond plastic.

we’re incredibly proud that the item bag 2.0 was awarded first place at the inaugural beyond plastic awards.

head over to the beyond plastic site to explore innovative solutions to the plastics crisis.

Compostable clothes bag

make this year the year
you remove poly bags
from your supply chain.

for good.

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