the item bag 2.0


the item bag 2.0 is the biodegradable, non-toxic store-and-transport bag that dissolves in boiling water. in seconds. use it to store any item that normally goes in a poly bag, minus the traditional plastic. it’s the poly bag: upgraded. scroll down to learn more.

the item bag 2.0 is a hot water soluble, carbon negative alternative to traditional poly bags. dispose of used bags in boiling water and they’ll break down into mineralised biomass and non-toxic ink in seconds!


  • dispose of used bags in seconds by dissolving them in boiling water. the remaining mineralised biomass is biodegradable and the ink is non-toxic.
  • item bags are carbon negative and by using them, you’ll be contributing to mangrove estuary regeneration in Madagascar and helping to draw CO2 out of the atmosphere.
  • ultra-minimal design (with text on the back of the bag only) keeps your items at center stage.
  • transparent material allows you to easily read tags and scan barcodes through the bag.
  • excellent anti-static properties and UV resistance provide maximum protection for delicate fabrics.
  • very strong – item bags are approximately 2.5x stronger than regular poly bags of the same thickness.
  • printed with an industry standard suffocation warning (10pt on XS/small bags and 14pt on large ones).
  • item bags are not self-seal. the 40/50mm flap can be folded over and (re)sealed with a variety of stickers, tapes, branded stickers and adhesive barcode labels.
  • hot water soluble material provides maximum protection from rain and sweat!
  • want to learn more about the item bag 2.0? head over to the FAQs page. we strongly recommend ordering a sample pack before purchasing to ensure that this product is suitable for your needs.
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