we are,
always have been,
and always will be,
a carbon negative

our mission.

we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible and offsetting what we can’t reduce by 200%.
as part of our commitment to sustainability, we discourage express shipping (express, particularly same and next day, is more carbon-intensive than regular delivery) and “change of mind” returns due to the environmental impact of double shipping, wasted packaging and damaged returns. unfortunately when we return online purchases, they don’t just automatically go back on the shelf: one study found that 84% of returned garments are burnt or sent to landfill.

we also reuse our own packaging as much as possible to cut down on waste, that’s why you’ll sometimes receive your order in an old wastebased box or our samples in not-so-perfect mailers!

our owners have committed to reducing their personal carbon footprints and we include these in all our offsetting calculations. that means switching to a lower carbon diet, flying less, using more public transport, walking and shopping locally and seasonally.

hidden costs.

everything we buy has a hidden cost, and usually this is highest for the cheapest choices. for example, in the fashion industry, those hidden costs might be dangerous working conditions and low wages for exploited workers in developing countries. in the packaging industry, the hidden costs are environmental and plastic pollution. part of what motivated us to start wastebased was knowing that when it comes to how our online purchases are packaged, we can do so much better. it’s a tiny part of the equation, but we believe it all adds up.

manufacturing, transporting, storing and delivering our bags leaves us with a carbon footprint. to offset it, we plant native trees and contribute to carbon reduction projects with the help of Ecologi.

with your support
we've planted over

0 trees
and offset over 200 tons of CO2. from 2019-2021 we planted in the Southern Carpathians (Romania), Ireland and the Scottish Highlands. this year, we’re planting in Madagascar and helping to support other projects that directly impact atmospheric CO2 levels, including converting waste biogas into electricity in Thailand and funding fuel eficient cookstoves in Honduras. this is just the beginning and, with your help, we hope to plant even more native species and investigate other carbon sequestration initiatives, especially fresh and salt water projects to protect and restore our oceans and waterways.
have you stumbled across an amazing regeneration or carbon reduction project that you’d like to share with us? we’d love to hear about it!

check out our badges!

>24 months climate positive

>1,000 trees planted

>100 tonnes of CO2 offset

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our latest project.

we’re currently planting mangroves to restore damaged mangrove estuaries in Madagascar.
we’re passionate about the health of our oceans and waterways, so when we came across the opportunity to contribute to mangrove estuary regeneration, we leapt at the chance.

our contributions support the not-for-profit Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden are world leaders in responsible reforestation, having already planted 265 million trees and created 2.6 million work days for local communities.

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