disposal guide.

the compostable mailer.

if possible, re-use the compostable mailer as many times as you can before disposing of it. you could:

  • use it again to return an unwanted/damaged item to the seller (compostable mailers come with two adhesive strips to make this even easier);

  • use it again to send something else (you can even flip it inside out);

  • cut it up and use it as weed matting in your garden;

  • cut it up and use it to grow seedlings (it’s non-toxic!);

  • use it to carry or store green waste.

once the mailer has reached the end of its useful life, the best way to dispose of it is to compost it. it’s home compostable and will break down in a normal compost bin in about 6 months. remove any labels (unless you’re sure that they’re also compostable), sticky tape and the recyclable plastic backing of any adhesive strips that remain and throw it into a compost bin to start the process!

if you don’t have access to a compost bin, you can also dispose of the mailer in a municipal composting facility or with food waste. please don’t try to recycle it. like most compostable items, it’s not recyclable and will have to be removed from the recycling stream.

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