disposal guide.

the item bag 2.0

if possible, re-use item bags as many times as you can before disposing of them. once they’ve reached the end of their useful life, the best way to dispose of them is to dissolve them in boiling water.

boil at least 200ml of water per item bag 2.0. place each bag into the water one at a time and stir to dissolve. the resulting mixture will contain mineralised biomass and non-toxic ink, not microplastics. once the mixture has cooled, pour it down the sink. click here to watch a video demonstration.

we don’t recommend trying to compost the item bag 2.0. we also don’t recommend trying to recycle it. although the material is technically recyclable, it’s unlikely to be recycled if disposed of in a normal recycling bin and may have to be removed from the recycling stream.

thanks for disposing of them with care!

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