customising your mailers

adding a personal touch to your shipments is now easier than ever. complement your mailers with branded compostable stickers or stamps and level up your customers’ unpacking experience!

if you’re already taking your compostable mailers to the next level and would like to be featured in this guide, we’d love to hear from you!


one of the easiest way to customise your compostable mailer is with branded stickers. biodegradable and compostable stickers are now offered in almost any size and shape and there are even transparent options!

compostable stickers are often made from sugarcane paper. they can also be made from a combination of sugarcane fibres and other natural fibers such as hemp and linen. these are perfect if you’d like to use wood free printing paper. another great option are FSC certified paper-based stickers, however some of these don’t perform well in the rain. we recommend testing out a few options before committing and remember, just like shipping labels, some stickers may take a few hours to achieve maximum adhesion on the compostable mailer.

stickers are often available in coated or non-coated options. coated options allow for transparent, glossy or semi-gloss finishes, while uncoated options normally result in a matte finish.

depending on your budget and time, the last thing to decide is whether to go full hands-on and print your stickers yourself or get them printed and delivered for you.

  1. print-it-yourself is the perfect choice for the thrifty and crafty. you’ll receive blank labels on a sheet or roll for you to design and print right at home and whenever you want. these sort of labels are a budget-friendly option.
  2. customised printing. ideal if you just want to leave it in the hands of the experts. submit your artwork and get your labels delivered and ready to use!


for a rustic, boho or vintage touch, customised rubber stamps are the option of choice. they’re reusable (some will last up to 10,000+ impressions!), sustainable and affordable. stamps are also a great idea as you can also use them on cardboard boxes too if you also send out fragile products in boxes.

to ensure your stamps are as eco-friendly as possible, choose wooden handles, preferably from ethically-sourced timber. rubber stamp plates can be made from synthetic or natural rubber. both options have pros and cons, so it’s going to be up to you to decide what option to go with.

natural rubber is plant-based and biodegradable, and a renewable resource if managed responsibly. on the other hand, petroleum by-products make for great synthetic rubber. this process uses less electricity and produces less waste. the downside is that synthetic rubber is normally not biodegradable.

when it comes to the ink, choose an acid-free, non toxic ink that will biodegrade safely along with your compostable mailers! please note that some inks don’t adhere well to the compostable mailer. we recommend testing out various options before ordering. to learn more, please read the FAQs.

stay tuned to see how our customers are customising their compostable mailers. if you’re already taking your compostable mailers to the next level and would like to be featured in this guide, we’d love to hear from you!